Top IT Remote full time work

MistMinds is where top IT companies hire remote IT professionals.

Apply to full-stack, frontend, backend, mobile, DevOps, UI/UX, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and other IT full time work

Once you're a MistMinds partner, you will never have to set your own sales team to find job for your team and no need to maintain bench resources with no work. Deploy your bench resources in lightning speed.

What is MistMinds?

MistMinds is a platform for small and medium-sized IT Companies to deploy tech talents on consistent/high paying and long term work. The company operates on an asset-light model by aggregating & sourcing tech talents from partners. The web/mob app enables clients to search & short list tech talents based on their IT needs.

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Who can become a MistMinds partner?

  1. You are an IT company with a pool of tech talents working on latest technologies.
  2. You have resources who can work full-time (40 hours/week) with top clients. We can allow part-time work during a short transition period, but we’ll need you to transition to full-time work quickly.
  3. You have quality tech resources with atleast 1+ years of industry experience.
  4. You can adjust work hours to overlap at least 4 hours a day with a company in US/Europe/Australia/Japan/UAE.
  5. Your resources are good in English, and can communicate effectively over daily video calls with Client Managers.
  6. Your resources can function effectively and be valuable to clients without too much hand-holding and micromanagement. You don’t need your manager to write detailed JIRA tickets for the resources.
  7. You are an extremely proactive partner who provide good configuration systems, high speed Internet connection and tools required for remote work to your resources.
  8. Your resources are good at feature planning and estimation who can discuss business priorities with clients and propose sensible software/business solutions that are in line with their priorities.

Benefits of becoming a MistMinds partner

  1. Full time and long term work
  2. Opportunity to work on projects of top IT Companies
  3. Exposure to International clients
  4. MistMinds offers training and guidance on latest technologies to your resources through our collaboration with online training portals like Udemy
  5. MistMinds offers online skill assessment for your resources though collaboration with online skill assessment portals like Hacker Rank , Hacker Earth. You can leverage it to technically assess your resources
  6. Full time remote work
  7. Ontime Guaranteed Payments
  8. Non/linear In-house sales team and Project Managers
  9. You can build your technical team exponentially as we are bringing the business for you
  10. If a MistMinds developer's work with a client company completes in a few months, MistMinds re-matches engineers to other partner Companies within 2-3 weeks on average.
  11. MistMinds also offers mentorship and guidance regarding technologies most valued by US Companies and also resources to help you grow fast as a software engineer. Today this is accessible to engineers working locally for Silicon Valley companies, but we want the same to be available to exceptional software engineers all over the world.
  12. Today, MistMinds partners with a number of U.S. Companies in Silicon Valley, Texas, New York, Washington, and Florida. We help fill a large number of full-time remote roles including full-stack, frontend, backend, mobile, UI/UX, DevOps, AI and Data Engineering, and more, and so we can match you with the perfect role for you.