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Software Customization

Adobe Connect is the undisputed leader of web conferencing tools because of its customizing facility.

Now, every customization is unique. And it’s this uniqueness that causes various troubles, like poor understanding of requirements etc. It’s here our expertise comes into picture. We strive to use UML at the highest level of proficiency, to deliver exactly what our client wants in the fewest number of iterations.


Multi-System Integration

We are expert in designing Java-based REST APIs to integrate with Adobe Connect other systems like websites, LMS, Salesforce etc.

But, It is no more a secret that API quality makes hell & heaven difference in the security of applications. Our core expertise lies in the creation of highly secure APIs, which can withstand any security breach threats to your enterprise systems. This is how we design and deliver Multi-System Integration to our clients.


Pod Extension

Pod Extension are more specific to meeting rooms. They provide addition feature for user interaction through chat bot, Like buttons, survey forms etc.

While this is a great feature, it is not without problems. For example, they slow the system during heavy traffic. Our core expertise lies in the creation of lightweight APIs, which consume very less data and can withstand heavy traffic due to substantial concurrent access requests.

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Software Customization


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Pod Extension


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Sample Projects

Custom Pod for Document Management System

Custom Pods vastly increase the basic functionality of Adobe Connect, just like Apps do in Smartphones. One of our projects included a Custom POD design, which allow the presentation giver tremendously improve their effectiveness, through browsing documents from their Content Management System (CMS) and present it in the virtual meeting room.

Webinar Analytics Integration

These days enterprise companies spend a lot of money into webinar marketing. But the ROI of this new tool is not always very clear. One of our capstone projects was the integration of analytics tools with Adobe Connect. This helped our Client’s Marketing Teams capture insights of consumer behavior like duration of use, geo location etc. And build future marketing strategies based on real data.


Salesforce Integration

We integrated Salesforce with legacy CRM suites for automatic synchronization between the Legacy CRM tables and corresponding records in salesforce. The Synchronization we implemented was bidirectional as well as unidirectional in either direction.

Syncing is used to transmit all the functionality that Salesforce has in common with the legacy CRM suites. For example, it allows the user to define table and field mappings, handle the communication of the data and determine which records need to be updated between each system etc.

Thus, we helped many companies migrate to Salesforce from their legacy CRM suites.

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