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What the Photo is an addictive social game for Android. Guess the photo behind the tiles – the quicker you guess, the more coins you win! Share your photo puzzles with friends and compete to see who can guess the fastest! Stump your friends and crack limitless amounts of picture-perfect puzzles – anytime, anywhere.


  • Since it is a mobile gaming application, the spike in traffic from the different part of the world made our server down on few instances.
  • As it is a cluster of servers we need to sync the data between servers seamlessly as the database is shared. Also there were caching mechanism which will store some master date in memory. If this master data is changed on server the same was not updated on other servers in the cluster.



Mistminds developed the back end web services which included following:

  • We have chosen Amazon AWS because of their presence in almost 7 regions across the globe. We setup 3 app servers in a cluster and 5 edge servers (one on each region like EU, Asia, America) and the data being cached at every layer possible (in memory, file system and database)
  • We have introduced a cluster setup to read and update the cache in a scheduler to overcome this issue and also introduced some edge server components to cache the static data on each region, we have used the Amazon cloud front as the content delivery network.


  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Apache


The game is now live on Google App store. Till now 10,000 – 50,000 installs has been done.

  • Game was delivered on time thus allowing them with appropriate time to market their app.
  • The game is optimized to perform under the most extreme conditions. The app works perfectly, irrespective of whether the phone connection is on or off and also it consumes the minimum possible CPU and battery power.
  • The game is completely compatible with the “Google Play”.
  • Mistminds made sure that loading time is under 5 seconds so that user doesn’t get impatient.
  • Mistminds also made sure that the game doesn’t freeze. Proper measures have been taken for the same.
  • The client was immensely pleased with the overall software quality and development methodology.

Client Reviews:

Mist Minds did an excellent research job for me, very committed to deadlines and to find alternative solutions for complex problems. Very recommended contractor!

– What The Photo




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