Search Engine | Case Study is a product search engine where you can search and shop millions of products from thousands of resellers.


Priceshark was looking for powerful search engine and crawler functionality to offer their visitors a single place to search hundred of retailer’s sites. Also they wanted a focused approach in terms of site design.


Mistminds designed and developed crawler and search solution for Priceshark which included the following features:

  • Simple UI design
  • Crawling hundred of retailer’s sites and indexing their data to offer up to date product information.
  • Autosuggestion
  • We have split the crawling process into three different services.
    • Crawler responsible to crawl the website data and produce xml content for each page it crawls
    • Pipeline – process responsible to filter the required products and gather required product information like
    • Indexer – responsible to push the processed data to the solr database
  • Used multithreading in all these components to make the process quick and had a distributed server setup to share the load of crawling across these servers. With all these setup we can crawl


  • Solr
  • Web Crawler
  • Ajax


The Priceshark site is up and running and now most of the people using Priceshark search functionality simply because of the convenience, choice and ease of operation it provides.

  • The Priceshark site is developed for the purpose of helping people make good buying decision by providing information they need and we successfully accomplished that job.
  • The website searches millions of products from thousands of resellers without a hiccup.
  • Mistminds designed a clean and easy layout that allows users to search for what they want and get the result that are relevant to their search.
  • The search engine always finds the latest and updated results which helps PriceShark users make better decision each time.
  • Priceshark is extremely satisfied with the deliverables provided on time and within budget.
  • Priceshark is extremely satisfied with the Quality Analysis (QA) efforts provided by Mistminds.

Client Reviews:

Mistminds has Successfully completed all work requirements. They are very responsive and their skills were reasonably strong. They are very professional and prompt. Very skilled in Java web development. I enjoyed working with them and will hire them in the near future.

— Sami Matar, PriceShark




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